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Harry Potter Legacy

Poster design

We’ve been a part of the project creating the front cover of the Harry Potter Legacy Game for PS,, and Xbox. Our talented CGI expert has created this  together with a  amazing team from Capcom and studio 4.


CGI projekt

Devil May Cry 5

Game Design

We've been a part of the project creating the structure for the gaming series Devil May Cry 5 for PS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Our talented CGI expert has created this together with a amazing team from Capcom & Studio 4.


Poster Design

Surely you know Buzz Lightyear?
The robot hero Buzz Lightyear is part of the Toy Story universe, which was shown back in 1996.
Pixar and Disney have released the Buzz Lightyear movie on Disney+, and we were asked if we would be a part of finalizing the poster for the movie.

Alone for Christmas

Animation Design

We've been a part of the project creating this small story for re-engage Our talented Animator has created this together for all who unfortunately stand alone.

She Hulk


SheHulk is a new TV series in the Marvel universe based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. We were contacted by Disney who needed help editing the official trailer for the new SheHulk TV series on Disney+.

Universal Ad - Hogwarts™

Universal Studios Hollywood – Los Angeles. With research and real-life experience in the Universe of Harry Potter™, we created a clear way to speak to the true Harry Potter fan through this strong sales campaign on Facebook.



Pinocchio is a familiar film who touch many hearts from our childhood. We love him, so when we were asked by Disney if we wanted to make the teaser trailer for the movie, we said yes immediately! We Co-edited the trailer and developed the text design.

Universal Ad - Wizarding World of Harry Potter™

Paid Ads

The campaign had 1,2 million clicks and a conversion rate at 94%. We were able to make sales record in Universal history in Paid Ads with almost 1,000,000 tickets sold.

Read the full case story here. 


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