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1,2 millions clicks

94% conversion rate

Sale record in Paid Ads

Almost 1,000,000 ticket sold

The Challenge 

Universal Studios Hollywood is a studio and theme park in Los Angeles, California. It opened its door in 1964 and still going strong.  

The park suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenge was it had a hard time selling enough tickets during the busiest season of the year. They were very much challenged by lower sales rate than ever seen before. They reached out to CREATIVE WAVE™. We, of course, eagerly accepted the challenge and created a compelling and unique sales campaign on Facebook. 

The Solution 

With research and real-life experience in the Universe of Harry Potter™, we created a clear way to speak to the true Harry Potter fan through one strong sales campaign on Facebook.  We delivered the photograph, design of the campaign creative and a compelling ad copy.

The Results  

The intention was running the campaign for 2-3 months with one main purpose: selling more tickets. With a middle wage budget Universal had to stop the campaign within 24 hours based on almost sold out. The campaign had 1,2 million clicks and a conversion rate at 94%. We were able to make sales record in Universal history in Paid Ads with almost 1,000,000 tickets sold.  


Facebook Ad Campaign


Universal Pictures Inc.

What We Did

Design, Ad Copy & Photography