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CREATIVE WAVE ApS terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing when purchasing our services from creativewave.dk.

All services - including courses, products, workshops, 1: 1 sparring - are held by creativewave.dk c / o Nikolai B. Laustsen. 


CREATIVE WAVE ApS treats your information that we come into possession of in connection with our work tasks and 1:1 sparring process confidentially and in a security manner. We do not pass on your personal information or other information we may come into possession of to unauthorized third parties. 

We reserve the right to pass on your information to third parties who perform tasks for CREATIVE WAVE ApS, however, this party will only have access to the information and material that is necessary to be able to carry out this task. Third parties do not pass on any information to others. 



All prices are stated in Danish kroner (DKK) excl. VAT. 

The following payment terms relate to marketing services / assistance, courses, workshops and 1: 1 sparring courses and other services: 

For marketing services/help, half of the amount is paid at the conclusion of the evening - unless otherwise agreed. When CREATIVE WAVE ApS has delivered the task, the remaining amount is paid net 8 days. 

Courses, workshops and 1: 1 sparring courses are paid at the evening's conclusion - unless otherwise agreed. Registration is binding. There is an option for installment payment, but this is agreed individually and will be stated in the payment options. However, this is also binding. 

Courses, workshops & 1:1 sparring sessions are held at the stated times. Should changes occur, the buyer will be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Should services be canceled by CREATIVE WAVE ApS, the buyer will get the amount paid back. 

Should the time of courses, workshops and 1:1 sparring sessions be canceled by CREATIVE WAVE ApS, the day will be replaced by a new date which will be agreed upon with the buyer/participants. 

If times for sparring sessions / sessions are to be changed, this must be done up to 24 hours before the buyer's agreement. The buyer is responsible for showing up / calling at the agreed time. 


CREATIVE WAVE ApS has all rights to printed and digital material that is made available to the buyer in connection with courses, workshops and 1:1 sparring sessions and the content that is produced by marketing services. 

When companies buy CREATIVE WAVE ApS's services, they obtain the right to use written and digital material. In the case of courses, workshops and 1:1 sparring courses, the right of use is personal and may only be used for personal use and may never be passed on or given to a third party - may only be used for the purpose for which it was purchased (not commercial use). 

When companies buy marketing services/help, they have the right to written and digital material. The right of use is commercial and all material that CREATIVE WAVE ApS supplies according to the purchase can be used by your company for commercial use. 


CREATIVE WAVE ApS' liability for damages that may arise in relation to our services, courses, workshops, 1:1 sparring courses and marketing services/help is limited to direct damage and loss. However, the amount will not be able to exceed more than 50% of the amount paid, excluding VAT. CREATIVE WAVE ApS shall under no circumstances be liable for indirect damage or loss – this applies regardless of the nature of liability and regardless of whether CREATIVE WAVE ApS has acted simply negligently. 

Change of business conditions

CREATIVE WAVE ApS has the right to make changes to business conditions without notice. 

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