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Our Story

Launched in 2022, CREATIVE WAVE™ is a full-service marketing agency based in Denmark. We are talented and savvy human thinkers who provide authentic media solutions with a distinctive approach to the story and purpose in a noisy digital world. 

Why we are us

We are devoted to helping large and scale-up brands and believe we can make a difference with our media solutions with a Scandinavian touch of uniqueness. Our purpose as supporting new customer acquisition and drive customer retention at every step of the customer journey. With great results for some of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands, we are here to help you grow your brand faster than ever seen before.

Who we are

CREATIVE WAVE™ is powered by expertise, skills, and passion for growth in every way. We are proud of who we are, the values we always are aligned with, and how we have been able to create this full-service marketing agency.

Our name is CREATIVE WAVE™

We are two passionate, savvy thinkers, and human beings who love to create new and different things. We believe that you – as a client – want to be on the wave to beat your competitors and win customers on digital media platforms. It’s our true passion to design and create thumb-stopping content and media that makes the stories count.

We work after the quote: To make lasting impressions we’ll create memorable stories that matter for you, us, and your audience.

We'd love to work with you.



Callensensgade 25

6200 Aabenraa



T: +45 2093 0323

E: hej@creativewave.dk


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